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  1. Antibody: One who hates his body.

2. Artery: Study of Fine Paintings.

3. Bacteria: Back door of a Cafeteria.

4. Coma: Punctuation Mark.

5. Gall Bladder: Bladder of a Girl.

6. Genes: Blue Denim.

7. Labour Pain: Hurt at Work.

8. Liposuction: A French Kiss.

9. Ultrasound: Radical Sound.

10. Cardiology: Advanced Study of Playing Cards.

11. Dyspepsia: Difficulty in drinking pepsi.

12. Chicken Pox: A dish.

13. CT Scan: Test for identifying person's city.

14. Radiology: The study of how Radio works.

15. Parotitis: Inflammation of parrot.

16. Urology: The study of european people.

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