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meal or male

Submitted By: raju | Current Rating: 1

A tired looking lady was examined by the Doctor and advised to take plenty of fruits and three meals a day and come for review after 3 days. She came ...

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One Thing Against

Submitted By: N.S.Srivatsan | Current Rating: 1

The boy and girl were closely embracing each other. Boy: "I love you but have one thing against you" Girl: "You don t have to explain. I am able...

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Black Market

Submitted By: N.S.Srivatsan | Current Rating: 1

A tourist asked an European prostitute her charges for a night. She demanded $10. A french prostitute wanted $20. But our tourist was shocked when ...

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Biscuit Tin Method

Submitted By: Eknaath Nagarkar | Current Rating: 1

At Kolkata writers’ building staff room, ladies are busy gossiping. Topic is family planning method employed by them. First one: We use Nirodh. W...

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Husband will come

Submitted By: N.S. Srivatsan | Current Rating: 1

She: It is getting late. My husband will be back any time. He: So what? I am not doing anything. She; That s why I am telling you. If you want to, y...

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sperm talk

Submitted By: vikram | Current Rating: 1

2 sperms were talking on phone. 1: Hi,i am just entering into the vagini. Where are u? 2: I think i am lost, i am near the sinus...

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