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Stud Bull

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Partho, the village farmer gained overnight fame on account of his stud-bull. With business flourishing there came about numerous brokers as it always happens. When a broker arrived at 2pm lady of the house started protesting, "What's this? You're coming so late? Pl. always come with prior appointment." The farmer on his part started grumbling when she replied, "Look. We allow him to mount only once daily." The broker being street-smart knew how to tackle the lady. He showed a hundred rupee note which she readily accepted saying, "Why we wish to restrict him is because of his weight. It will be too much for him." "Don't worry about that madam. Only do me a favour. You must be having a bath-room brush" he enquired. "You mean the one with nails?" "Exactly!" "But why?" she asked suspiciously. "Don't worry madam. Just see how I extract work from him." In a moment she was back with it. The broker quickly went to the bull, and slowly started scraping at the right spot ever so tenderly. And the magic started working!!" With the job over. The broker left. A week later when he arrived as usual late, this time round, boss of the house was there with the same volly of questions seated on an easy-chair. The broker said rather impatiently, "Sir. I'm not coming here for the first time. I know how to extract work from him. Only bring the bath-room brush..." The moment he said this, he slapped him saying, "Bastard you're the one who told her about it? She has ripped open my balls"  



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